Thursday, August 4, 2005

Being Trevor Hoffman*

  • Today I was driving along in my pickup truck, with the air conditioning on its highest setting and listening to AC/DC's "Hell's Bells," and I had this feeling come over me that everything was right and good in the world.
    After a few moments, though, I thought to myself: "What does this mean, that I am so happy?"
    Am I simpleton? Give me an air-conditioned pickup and cookie-cutter rock and I am placated?
    Is my life this sad? Am I so beaten and frustrated by the routine of my daily life that I will become euphoric at even the tiniest respite?
    I don't know -- the guitar solo ended and I had to get back to singing. If you're into evil, you're a friend of mine.

  • The evolution debate has reared its ugly head on Thomas' blog. Go over there and get your rhetoric on. Of course, you are not allowed to discuss serious issues on my blog unless you agree with me.

  • Fun! Find sex offenders in your neighborhood. There are either no sex offenders in my neighborhood or this thing is a bit wonky.

  • "In the 18th Century it was the height of fashion for rich (British) ladies to have a black child servant."

  • If there's a fella I want to buy ice cream from, it's this guy.

    *Six points to you if you can catch the reference in my headline.

    Greg said...

    Trevor Hoffman, one of the great closers in baseball history, has the PA announcer play AC/DC when he comes out of the bullpen. I hate that "tradition."

    I win!

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Yeah, I couldn't find any sex offender buddies, but that's a good map service.

    Cheryl said...

    Local Councils sell licences to ice cream pitches and it costs - because if you sell on their land, they can be sued if you back over a kiddy or give someone food poisoning, or even if someone slips on one of your lolly wrappers. I think.

    So, no, I'd have been less pleasant to him than the guy he decked - he knows the law, the oily chancer.

    As to the slavery link - thanks! Its nice to be really proud of your country once in a while, and that did it for me :-)

    Chris Cope said...

    Greg hit it exactly.

    Thomas said...

    If I get a few more comments on the post Chris linked to, it will set my blog's record for most comments ever.

    Thomas said...

    Charlie Kaufman?