Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Today I took the day off work due to stress-related illness (that makes me sound like a celebrity, doesn't it? That's what they always blame when they are rushed to the hospital for heroin overdose) -- basically, I have stopped sleeping because I've managed to wrap myself in a warm blanket of anxiety over a number of things that are going on in my little world.

I am trying to push myself to allocate enough time for everything, but each night finds me lying in bed muttering: "Oh, shit. Oh, shit. Oh, shit. I didn't get this done. I need to do this. I need to do this. Fuck, how could I forget about this?"

Blah, blah, blah, I'm a big pussy and I don't know how to relax*.

So, what did I do with my impromptu day off? I used it as an opportunity to try to get some more things done.

That's enough bitching. Normal service will resume tomorrow.

*Who has time to relax? Relaxing takes time, which means that I then have even less time to do stuff, which means that I become even more stressed. Stupid fucking vicious cycle.


Jenny said...

Hey, we have the same crazy.

The only perk of my job is a six week summer break, and I spend the whole time freaking out about work.

It drives the boy round the bend.

Astrid said...

A little bit stressed out, huh? No good! Have you tried yoga?

The crocodile-pose: Crocodile reduces stress and tension, promotes sleep, regulates blood pressure and reduces anxiety.

1.) Lie on your belly, with the arms crossed under your head. Turn your head to one side and rest your head on your arms.
2.) Close the eyes and let your whole body relax into the floor.
3.) Breathe deeply, pressing the belly down into the floor with each inhalation and hold for 6-10 breaths. With each exhalation allow your body to relax deeper into the floor.
4.) To release: bring the palms under your shoulders and slowly press up into table or child pose or roll over onto your back.

Haven't you always wanted to be crodile, Chris?

Curly said...

You've just got to cut the cord for a bit - on a day off, use it as a day off. Go for a good long walk somewhere. After looking around on the interweb, St Croix Wild river state park looks rather nice* and quite close ?

*Although the visitors centre is currently closed "due to mold"

Cheekysquirrel said...

Rationalise man!

Work out what would happen if something was not done.

If nothing (or nothing drastic) just drop it.

We have a tendancy to think every task is important without actually working it out to see if it is.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

My Congressman boss was very good at loading me up with work. One time, facing 13 projects, I said, "If you don't give me any more assignments, I can finish these in three days." That afternoon he gave me another one. I threw all the other 13 away and started fresh. He didn't say a word. So now you know what to do.

heatherfeather said...

I prefer the term "calling in crazy."

sorry you're an anxiety-laden one...

Thomas said...

You should hire Astrid as your executive assistant.

Dave Morris said...

Chris, squirrel is right. Think about what would happen if you moved everything down one day. Just take it easy today and don't worry.

Lists drive people completely mad. If you MUST have a to-do list, do it one day at a time... and then just look at one or two things at a time. Otherwise, seeing the entire list will start a knot in your stomach that only vast amounts of ale can untie.

Hmmm... on second thought... ;-)

Take care my friend.

Mayo said...

I feel you in the stress factor. I always feel guilty when I have to take off....I'm the secretary so it seems I need to be here at all times to insure the productivity of our program...but whenever I come to work I just end up blogging. (she puts index finger to head and scratches throughly)"hmmmmmm"

jg_38 said...

I just drink during the day.

It makes everything seem ok, and I then start to like the people I work with.