Monday, August 8, 2005

Happy millennium

Arse. Why does Peter Jennings have to be dead? How can you not appreciate the sleepless one? When the millennium rolled around, he and ABC marked every single new year around the world (surprisingly, there are more than 24). My friends and I were at the bar for most of the time (thank you, Nevada, for 24-hour bars), saluting him with each new stroke of midnight somewhere around the world, but we couldn't survive as long as Jennings.
He did the same thing on 9-11. My memory of that time includes Jennings effectively living on camera for two days, and, strangely, it was comforting to see him there.
I think I mentioned before that I got the chance to meet him once. It was my impression that Jennings was far too intelligent to be a television anchorman.

  • I found another flaw with Y Bwystfil today -- the roof leaks when it rains. How can you not love this car?

  • Can someone please explain this guy fashion of only tucking in the front of your shirt, so that everyone can see your belt? When did this start? I've only just started noticing it. This has got to be the dumbest fashion I have encountered.

  • Man, I hate it when this happens.

  • Where was this guy when they were holding auditions for "So You Think You Can Dance?"

  • Apparently the United States has a cricket team, but things are not well.

  • Frank's coming back to EastEnders.

  • Here are the results from this meme (two of which actually refer to the important Chris Cope -- me):
    1 - Chris Cope is Director of SmartCapital Special Projects at the Ottawa Cenre for Research and Innovation.
    2 - Chris Cope is married, with no children. (Yes, I am)
    3 - Chris Cope is making a name in international fraud and asset recovery.
    4 - Chris Cope is very excited about these new services and about the whole idea of the SmartCapital Project.
    5 - Chris Cope is no slouch on guitar.
    6 - Chris Cope is an academic in the Department of Information Technology at La Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia.
    7 - Chris Cope is president of Sunbelt Lending Services, headquartered in Clearwater.
    8 - Chris Cope is also the director of Accountants Defence and Advisory Services
    9 - Chris Cope is the son of preacher Mike Cope.
    10 - Chris Cope is disturbed by Wal-Mart's new environmentally friendly store in Texas. (Yes, I am)

    Me said...

    So sad to see Peter Jennings go.

    Also sad that I found out from another blog where someone else had also posted about it too.

    I guess that's all I need for my news anymore. Blogs.

    No more CNN, MSNBC, and newspaper.

    Chris Cope said...

    In a sad way, blogs have become more useful than CNN or MSNBC, I think.

    Cheryl said...

    Peter Jennings - never exported to UK, but he sounds rare.

    Padlock (!) I am still laughing imagining the temper he must have been in, to snap the key in the lock, probablyu starkers and hopping about on one leg.

    Belt: Queer eye for the straight guy - apparently it lengthens the look of the legs and highlights the waist and crotch, whilst camouflaging a chunky middle. Its an insecurity thing - laugh.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    That guy wasn't dancing. It was a mime trying to find his way out of a cardboard box.

    Dave Morris said...

    How do you spend TWO WEEKS hiding the fact you have a padlock around your testicles? Wouldn't friends notice you walking funny? Wouldn't you set off metal detectors everywhere you went?

    Doesn't the guy have SEX, for chrissake? You'd think his wife (or whomever) would notice a metal lock banging against her ass. Provided, of course, they are doing it missionary style.

    Dave Morris said...

    I had to do a separate comment regarding Peter Jennings, I couldn't put the two together, too tasteless.

    Jennings WAS far too brilliant to be an anchor... but he was paid well for his work and he was the smoothest I've ever seen. He was self-taught, dropping out of high school as a sophomore. A calm, reassuring voice. There's nobody in the news business right now that can replace him.

    Thomas said...

    Why couldn't Tom DeLay have started smoking 40 years ago? Is that what you are saying Chris?

    Thomas said...

    Btw, that is my blog "Me" is talking about at the very top of this list of comments.

    Hi "Me."

    Chris Cope said...

    When America needs to be informed, it turns to Thomas.