Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The post in which I link almost exclusively to the BBC

  • I'll miss this -- I return to the U.S. on that day. If I had known beforehand, I might have extended my stay.

  • I'm having a BBCentric day. This is a term that I came up with a while ago to describe my frequent overwhelming desire to do nothing other than listen to online radio and fumble through the BBC web pages. I am convinced that the BBC is one of the greatest aspects of modern life. The elimination of polio and small pox and high rates of infant death are lovely, but the BBC is what makes living in this particular point in history worthwhile.
    I know that Britons complain a lot about the BBC -- bias, quality, licensing fees, etc. -- but I still love the massive entity. How could I not? They taught me Welsh.

  • Here's a good example of why I © the BBC: they make programs specifically targeted at the me demographic. By that, I mean the demographic that is me -- Chris Cope, resident of St. Paul, Minnesota.
    The program (available online until 30 August), is a light and easily palatable Welsh-language show featuring Welsh presenter Bethan Elfyn and Chris Moyles staple Aled Jones (who, I'm sure Welsh nationalists would be sickened to admit, has done more to popularize the Welsh language than anyone else in recent memory), and it comes with subtitles. The website features a flash element that plays English subtitles in time with the broadcast. It's all pretty neat but, like I say, I can't imagine whom it would be for other than me. Thanks BBC! Now produce a show about an American guy who speaks Welsh and is given a new home and a lifetime supply of beer, starring me.

  • This post reminded me of this: When I was about 14 years old, I bought a book called "Teach Yourself to Juggle," or something like it, and spent a month desperately trying to teach myself the skill. I did this because I was pretty sure it would impress girls. Ultimately, it was a failed venture and to this day I cannot juggle.
    Instead of juggling, I taught myself how to pratfall. I got really good at throwing myself into walls or tables or down stairwells. Why I thought this would impress a girl, I do not know.

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    Are you coming to the UK then?

    Will you be visiting Cymru?

    Jenny said...

    Mr P and I love the Beeb also, although mostly Radio 4, the station for middle class yuppies everywhere.

    The frickin' license now costs over a hundred smackers, though.

    Hey! They have a spam filter thing on comments now!

    Curly said...

    Yes, the BBC is truly a great organisation - It covers such a wide variety of topics and appeals to so many demographics.

    The only thing that's letting them down in my opinion is that they are surrendering most of their sport preogrammes (bar bowls and bloody football) to the monster that is SKY.

    Chris Cope said...

    Indeed I am Cheeky. I'll be in Cardiff Oct. 9-12 -- I'll even be taking in the Wales-Azerbaijan match while I'm there.

    heatherfeather said...

    i can juggle slightly... my sister's the good juggler. i'd offer to teach you slightly but you've already taken a wife, so you're unlikely to need that particular woman-attracting skill anymore.

    and i live nowhere near you.

    Anonymous said...

    bbc is great. when i'm around i watch the bbc news on pbs at 6 pm. hmmm, maybe this just strengthens your rationale for getting excited about the BBC. sorry to be dreary, but one of the things that brought you joy is not true....

    Yemen Reports Sharp Increase in Cases of Polio
    More than 40 new cases of polio have been confirmed in Yemen, the World Health Organization said yesterday, more new cases than in any other nation.

    "It's a much bigger outbreak than we originally thought, and it's spread throughout the country," said Dr. David L. Heymann, who is in charge of the W.H.O. polio-eradication campaign.

    Epidemiologists expect the 63 cases confirmed thus far in Yemen, a poor country on the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula, to grow to more than 100 soon. It takes about six weeks to test stool samples from each paralyzed child to confirm infection. Nigeria, previously the worst hit country, has confirmed only 54 cases this year.

    JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) -- A polio outbreak that has sickened 226 Indonesians -- mostly children -- could worsen in the coming months and spread to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, the World Health Organization said Wednesday.


    A 20-month-old toddler diagnosed with polio in March was the country's first case since 1995. Authorities believe the child came in contact with a migrant worker or tourist who was infected in the Middle East or Africa.

    Since then, Indonesia has seen a steady increase of cases mostly on its main island of Java. But the virus has also spread to Sumatra island, where 10 cases in Lampung province have been reported.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Spinning the "diablo" might be impressive. Now all we need is to know what a diablo is. Yo-yo, maybe?

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    I'm looking forward to the wales match as it comes in the middle of a football famine for me (I'm in Canada during the only Cardiff City home match for a month).

    I'm sure that you probally have your Wales pre-match activities already sorted but if you wander past the (small) O'Neal's Irish Bar on Trinity Street (as oppossed to the huge one on St Mary's Street) you'll most likely spot Whitesquirrel and I standing outside with a pints in hand. We're there before every Wales home game.

    Its a shame that you aren't in Cardiff the week before as I've taken that week off to recover from my Canada trip and could have shown you the sights. But if you want to go for a quick pint one night drop us an email and we'll see if we can sort it.

    Chris Cope said...

    Sounds good Cheeky. Will do.