Tuesday, August 9, 2005


  • So, on Monday I happened to be looking at the right rear tire of my beloved car. Of course the tire was worn bald, but I also noticed that there is a piece of metal imbedded in there -- a large Phillips head screw. So, I need some tires. I am, of course, going with used tires. I spent most of the morning calling around and it looks as if I will end up having to fork out about $60 for a pair of mismatched tires.

  • Good name for a band: The Provo Incident*

  • Jenny and Mr. Phin are officially wed. Every time someone gets married I feel the need to point out that one of the true benefits of marriage is that you no longer need to worry about getting caught having sex in your parents' house. Now, if someone walks in on you, instead of acrobatically leaping to opposite sides of the room whilst doing up your clothes, you can simply toss a Bible at the interloper: "It's in Genesis -- we're supposed to be doing this. Now go away."

  • "I feel like I've accomplished something when actually I have accomplished nothing." --- He's talking about something else, but that quote pretty much sums up my journalism career.

  • In his column this week, Garrison Keillor made the observation that "America is losing its capacity to manufacture things... but every day we turn out trillions of words about ourselves, bloggers blogging, floods of memoir, day-dreaming, carpet-chewing, and when eventually the Chinese repo men come to collect on our debt, they will find a nation of highly articulate self-aware people who can't change an oil filter but maintain wonderful websites. A nation of English majors."
    My immediate reaction to that was: "Hey. I can change an oil filter." Combine this with Dave's recent stop-and-smell-the-roses commentary, and I found myself thinking about what legitimate skills I possess. When the revolution comes, what good will I be?
    I can knit. I can perform relatively basic auto repair. I have pretty solid storytelling ability (every society needs storytellers). But I can't hunt or fish or start a fire with rocks; when it comes right down to it, I'm relatively useless. I'm not entirely sure I would survive for very long.
    What are your actual skills?

    *I have long thought of building a blog dedicated entirely to good band names, but I can't be bothered.

    TotallyHappened said...

    What the hell? I'm starting to get spam on mine too!

    heatherfeather said...

    but i don't like spam...

    there's a whole list of things i can't be bothered to do myself.

    but i WILL take a picture and the houseplant eating sign.

    as soon as i can be bothered... :)

    Chris Cope said...

    Freakin' spam. I've deleted three pieces of spam today. I'm writing to Blogger...

    Me said...

    "...that quote pretty much sums up my journalism career."

    Sad. But you made me laugh.

    And please write to blogger on the spam. I get excited when I see lots of comments and they all end up being friggin' spam! I'll write too. Soon.

    Curly said...

    Actual skills eh?

    I suppose my only contribution would be to morale, although I think that the Elvis jokes may get a little tiresome after a couple of icy December days cramped around a attempt at a fire but is in fact, a smouldering piece of moss.

    (That's the situation I imagine we'd be in anyway)

    cridlyn said...

    I can touch my nose with my tongue and flip loads of coins off my elbow.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    You ever try to light a fart as it emanates? Sure you have. Well, the same thing goes with making fires on the ground: You use a match.

    Dave Morris said...

    Skills... skills. Hmmm. Skills...

    Uh. Damn.

    Dave Morris said...

    Speaking of comment spam, don't you get the feeling that many people comment on other people's blogs just to generate traffic to their own? Isn't that itself sort of a form of spam?

    Truly Chris, that's NOT what I'm all about. I LOVE your blog, I enjoy checking in every day. I only comment because you motivate me to participate through your colorful writing.

    PS -


    Greg said...

    When the revolution comes, I'm going to be happy I'm an Eagle scout.

    Other than that, I've discovered today that I apply a mean label to an envelope. 502 down 898 to go!

    Thomas said...

    And then Garrison Keillor will solve this problem by...writing another book?

    Anonymous said...

    If you get cut or gashed I can numb ya up with lidocaine and stitch ya back together. Med school gets you $160K in debt and eats up years of your life but you do manage to pick up some actual old fashioned manual skills. Unless you go into psychiatry, then you forget them all.

    I can also put Ikea furniture together but I don't think that probably counts as a special skill.