Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Rachel's out of town for the week, which means that as you read this I am probably putting out a fire that I accidentally started while trying to make "beer toast."

I don't have any idea what beer toast is, but I'm sure I'll try to make it at some point and I'm sure I'll end up with second-degree burns. I will also likely eat nothing but Buffalo wings, sausage, and Jell-O pudding snacks.

Mmmm, pudding snacks. I wonder if those go well with Guinness? I guess there's only one way to find out.


Jenny said...

While the boy was out at work today I ate twelve pickled onions and five tic-tacs. Then I felt sick.

Perhaps we are subconsciously drawn to our spouses by our digestives tracts.

heatherfeather said...

mmmm... beer toast...

the name made me chortle audibly in the office.

Cheryl said...

Ooh but it has to be top grade draught Guiness with a head creamy enough to draw a smiley that stays put.

Don't go stir crazy rattling round on your own!

Afe said...

Ah, the old spouse free week. I've been there before.

Firstly, start warming up your hands. You are going to need them to play PS2. After that, cool them down with an ice cold beer.

Then proceed to the oven and burn your fingers making a grilled cheese sandwich. Sticking them in the freezer will help ease the pain. But don't get your hands stuck to the ice.

Chris Cope said...

You got me a little concerned with the talk of hand warming.