Monday, August 1, 2005


The other day I held back all my hair with my hands and said to my wife: "This is what I will look like when my hair is long enough for me to pull it back with a rubber band."

"You look like a pirate," she said.

Uhm? And that's bad?


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Rubber bands are SO temporary. Use staples.

lfc said...

it's not "yar!"... it's "arrrr!"

gaw, don't you know anything about pirate sounds?

Chris Cope said...

Hair staples. Brilliant. I think you may finally make your pile with that idea, Hoss.

Sarah -- "Yar!" is how a pirate says "yay."

Dave Morris said...

All this talk has me considering hair extensions. I need to be cool NOW, not in 6 months.

By the way, is your hair as important to you as it was to Sampson?

Chris Cope said...

Good question, Dave. I'm not cutting it on risk that it may be. The last time my hair was this long I went on a trip to Wales and things went pretty well. Since I have another trip coming up in October, I'm not inclined to press my luck.

Jenny said...

This is your second consecutive post about your hairstyle.

One more and I'll be legally obliged to knit you a pair of frilly knickers, you big girl.

Curly said...

I think that "Yar.." usually precedes "..Mothers a politician" but the quick-to-defend-his-mums-honour pirate would have cut short the sentence with a cutlass to the neck of the offending swashbuckler.

this may help you :
You r Pirate Name

I'm Dirty Harry Kidd.

Chris Cope said...

Awesome. I am Bloody James Cash.

Dave Morris said...

Dirty Davy Flint.

heatherfeather said...

evidently things don't change much from year to year. a few years ago, and to this day i remain, Iron Ethel Kidd

Anonymous said...

Bloody Rita Bandita

and my partner in pirate crime,
John Paul the Swarthy. he's already got the pirate hairdo down. swoon.

although my first love was the Dread Pirate Roberts.

i'm curious as to the hair staples. would they go actually into the scalp like surgical staples? i think they'd work for curly heads without getting skin involved, but not for straight fine hair.

Thomas said...

Maybe it is "yar!" in the Yiddish dialect that Chris has been known to use from time to time, Sarah.