Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Alan U R such a lier + a freek

  • See if you can spot my favorite picture in this post (from a Welsh-language blog).

  • Is it against the law to have one's mobile phone sound like a phone? Damnation be upon all of you with your cute ring tones.
    On a related note, any radio station using the phrase "Rocktober" should be razed.

  • Remember this guy? I was looking at that clip again today and thinking: "Man, I need a web camera." I would do stuff like that all the time. I have no shame.
    Somebody buy me a camera for Christmas (thinks: must update Amazon wish list at some point).

  • I have no idea when this came out, but it looks kind of cool. If I had friends, I could talk to them for free.

  • Uhm, congratulations? I do not understand cricket at all.

  • I am somewhat disappointed that "Ron Mexico" wasn't mentioned once in Monday night's Atlanta-Philadelphia game. Speaking of which, you can call me Jorge Switzerland.

  • I was going to make fun of Ohio with this link, but then I was reminded that there are dumb people everywhere. I hate people.

  • Iron Maiden has a song about the Crimean War on their new CD. Tell me that's not absurd. Now I want someone to write a song about the 1896 Britain-Zanzibar War.

    Anonymous said...

    There was a rumor that 'Ron Mexico' was at risk of sitting out of the game due to a herpes outbreak. But I'll take the TD run he performed as proof that that wasn't the cae. Or he was doped up. Eh.

    TotallyHappened said...

    Wait a minute, you're saying that children aren't locked up in cages in other states? My mother SWORE to me that it was normal every night as she locked me in. All my friends slept in cages as well.

    Thomas said...

    You could write songs about forgotten wars for years.

    Anonymous said...

    Update: Warren is 100% ugly.

    lfc said...

    the google talk thing is WAY cool. except when only one of you have a mic. my husband and i gave it a try, and i don't have a mic, so i could hear him, but he couldn't hear me. for a minute i knew what it felt like to be a mute.

    Anonymous said...

    A mute or a married man (you couldn't get a word in edgewise).

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Man you got a lot of good stuff here. I wonder if those caged kids got to run a maze to breakfast.

    I am posting from now on as "Stark Samoa." Margaret Mead discovered me.

    Greg said...

    As Rock Nauru, I can tell you I am very disappointed with the outcome of the Monday Night game. Grrr.

    Good to see you haven't forgotten the greatest war in history.

    traceofblistex said...

    Rocktober? Oh dear lord! That's just silly!

    Astrid said...

    Who would have ever thought that Alan was such a liar. What a shame for humanity.

    Astrid said...

    Haha .. that Gary-fellow in the original video of the Numa Numa dance is indeed awesome! I was just watching this clip and before I knew it I was dancing through my room as well. Pity, I don't have a webcam either!