Thursday, September 15, 2005

Audio: 106 Miles to Chicago

Oooh, multi-media blogging (don't worry, it scares me, too).

Just press the play button below.

MP3 File


Willow said...

I'm DEEPLY offended.

I live in Wisconsin (in fact, at this moment you probably are within thirty minutes of my house), so watch it boy-o. I don't smoke (neither does anyone I know here), I hate beer (it's rotten bread juice), I'm severely allergic to dairy, and not one member of my family is obese.

Aaaanyway. Enjoy Wisconsin, I sure don't. I think the same things about it you do, the above writing was just some deep-seated state pride that most have been buried very deep within my soul. I really despise Wisconsin.

I'm digging the audio posts. Very cool.

Shawn D. Mickschl said...

Tom Wopat, Luke Duke in the original "Dukes of Hazzard", is from Lodi, Wisconsin. Lodi is also home to Susie the Duck.

I was born in Wisconsin, thus I must be a duck!

I will also be moving to Kentucky next year.

So, in essence, this audio blog was clearly all about me.

Afe said...

Hey, I started a craze. Maybe everything I say from now on will be repeated.

I too am digging the audio posts. It's like there is a real live American trapped in my computer. Making smart arse comments about its interior. "Hey, I'm currently going through your recycle bin and deleting all your MSN contacts...".