Sunday, September 18, 2005

Audio: Cincinnati to Illinois

Oooh, multi-media blogging (don't worry, it scares me, too).

Just press the play button below.

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TotallyHappened said...

I feel so loved -- even if you didn't stop and say hello! I would have made brownies!!! (Okay, I'm always looking for an excuse to have brownies, but still...)

While the Bengal's stadium looks really nice, there was actually a big uproar when it was constructed. Previously, the Red's and the Bengal's shared a stadium. Then the Reds decided it would be cool to move out and get their own stadium. The Bengals then whined around and threatened to leave unless they also got a new stadium. The city actually made them promise to win a few games if the new stadium was built. But it IS a nice stadium... the Red's have a nice one as well.