Friday, September 23, 2005

The beautiful people

  • Yesterday's headline may not have made sense if you missed Cody's comment from Tuesday. She said that she reads my blog "not because its terrably interesting but because I think your hansome."
    I genuinely appreciate that comment and Cody's bad eyesight. I have always wanted to be one of those beautiful people to whom good things happen simply because they are so darn easy on the eyes. I am now waiting for the good things to start happening.
    I am so enamored with the comment that I considered changing the title of my blog to "Not Terribly Interesting, But Handsome," but Cody also likes my current title and I'm sort of attached to it. Perhaps I will change the name of my Welsh-language blog to "Dim Eithaf Diddorol, Ond Golygus."

  • The Free State Project kind of scares me. If you're not familiar with this, it is a group of people hell bent on performing a libertarian government experiment in the state of New Hampshire. The movement is gaining a pretty strong foothold in the various governmental tiers of the Granite State. In fairness, at least they are all moving to just one state and it is nonviolent.
    The Granite State is well known for the erstwhile Old Man of the Mountain, a rock formation that looked a bit like a fella's face. The whole thing collapsed two years ago. So, with the Old Man out of the way, and the libertarians gaining ground, I think New Hampshire could officially change its nickname to "the Angry White Man State."

  • This is what fifth-graders do in Minnesota. And people wonder why I love this place so much.

  • Did a dog ever run loose in your school? This seemed to happen once at every school I went to (well, up until college; although a dog did run loose at Moorhead, and a guy in one of my English classes once brought in a squirrel that had befriended him earlier in the day). It was always the greatest day ever. I suddenly remembered that today -- that ridiculous overwhelming glee that comes from having a dog run around in your school.
    It's a dog and it's in the school! Yay! Teachers are chasing it and kids are squealing with delight and the dog is half confused but loving all the attention. It's like Christmas and Easter and my birthday and a swimming pool filled with cupcake icing all condensed into a single life event!
    At present, I can think of no greater euphoria than that which comes from having a dog loose in school. This marks me out as a very, very simple person I suspect.

    Jenny said...

    Yes! Dog in playground! It was great! We would all chase it around until the teachers made us all go inside so they could catch it.

    I am very disappointed that my teaching career has not, thus far, required me to catch a dog.

    Thomas said...

    Greeting from Austin, Chris.

    Cheryl said...

    What a lovely positive post. Makes me want to know what threw an extra dollop of sunshine into life for you this week.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    The Free State Fools may not realize it, but all ANY governments do is work for the protection of life, liberty and property. Some of the work is better than others. For instance, it took a long time to protect us from Kenneth Lay and Bernie Ebbers, but by God....

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    If I'm going to be honest I don't actually read this blog i just look at the pictures.

    If any of my comments have been relevant well they were just lucky guesses.

    Greg said...

    The project in New Hampshire is better than the one in which all the fundamentalist Christians are moving to South Carolina and then seceding to form some sort of Christian Republic. Now that's wacky!

    Anonymous said...

    Hell yeah. Devo revisited by grade school kids was sublime. Which one's 80s obsessed nostalgic parent conceived of this genius? I can see the fun in just making the hats.

    I love my MTV.

    Dogs inside the elementary school? Can't recall that ever happening. Guess I missed out. In Kindergarten I was knocked right over by a big black dog running around loose in the field outside of school. It didn't mean any harm but managed to scratch my eye good. Joyful dogs running about inside classrooms reminds me more of college. Oh Bard dogs.

    Astrid said...

    Did those fifth-graders threaten you with a good whip if you didn't advertise their latest video?