Thursday, September 22, 2005

The comedic stylings of Löwenbräu

If Blogger's new search engine didn't suck so much ass*, I would direct you to previous links that reference Löwenbräu, the annoying fella who hovers near my quality American-made desk at the palatial headquarters of my benevolent employer. He gets his name from the fact that a group of people were once planning a get-together and he effectively invited himself along, announcing: "I'll bring the Löwenbräu!"

I and some of my colleagues who sit within audible range of Löwenbräu (about 12 miles -- he's a loud fella) like to exchange IMs in which we ruthlessly make fun of Löwenbräu. We do this because we are 14-year-old girls.

Today Löwenbräu was entertaining the masses with his abysmal impersonation of Bill Cosby. There were no words to this impression, just a mosquito-like buzzing noise. I would never have identified it as a Cosby impression but for the fact that he explained the impression three times: "The Cos. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Huh? The Cos! Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It's the Cos."

Nothing tops Kenan Thompson's impersonation.

*Thanks for "fixing" it, you dopes -- it is now impossible to search just my blog. Why don't you do something that's actually useful and make Welsh one of the language options?

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