Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Communing the spirit of movie guy

Hey, baby. I'm probably related to this guy -- we're both sterling. Because you're not hip like me and don't create new meanings for words, I probably need to tell you that "sterling" means we're better than you.

I earned a film degree at a random Midwestern state university. Film, cat. I ran up thousands of dollars in student debt watching Hitchcock movies and arguing with my friends about which Tarantino film is best.

I refer to directors only by their last names. I refer to actors by their first names or nicknames that I have made up for them -- I call Leonardo DiCaprio "Leo;" I call Robert De Nero "Bobby D."

I can say things like, "Angela Landsbury is one of the most under-appreciated artists of all time," with a straight face. I really do wear black turtlenecks and I apparently don't see the irony. It's ethereal.

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