Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dancin' Rachel

Here's the child bride, dancing up a storm at the reception for Maggie and Anthony's wedding


Anonymous said...

You go girl! Dancing was made for wedding receptions, and it's a wise woman that takes advantage of the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

WHOA WHOO I made the blog! Accidental as it may be, I'm still very happy with this. I seem to be doing a poor impression of MC Hammer just behind dancin Rachel.

If I could do it all over again, Chris, I would have taken video for you to post of the misses and you during "Come on Ilene". That was something everyone could enjoy. Good times.

Chris Cope said...

My aerobic 80s dance/skank is to be feared. The oddest thing about this picture is that she appears to be at least a foot taller than everyone in the room. She's tall, but from this picture you would assume that she is 6-foot-7.