Tuesday, September 6, 2005

I'm gonna live forever

  • My meteoric rise to international fame took another step forward today. I am going to be published in MacUser magazine. OK, my words will exist only in the form of a screengrab example of an IM conversation, as used for some nefarious purpose by Jenny's boy, but it's a start. Today a screengrab in MacUser magazine, tomorrow the world! Bwhahaha!

  • Also, it looks as if I may get a chance to be on Welsh-language radio again. I love Radio Cymru. I get the sense that this makes me uncool in certain Welsh circles. But I'm sure it hurts me no more than my support for various ideas that are intolerable to your average Welsh nationalist -- a Great Britain football team, for example. I am learning to abandon my pursuit for coolness.

  • Kari thinks I'm a freak show (OK, not me specifically).

  • If I were two people, this would be me at age 17.

  • My apologies for the short post -- I'm not feeling very prolific today.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    It will be quite difficult to be those two people at age 17. Even THOSE TWO are having a hard time of it. Or a good time of it. Hard to say.

    In any case, it was great film.

    Curly said...

    No worries about the short post, I'm not feeling very evolved today.

    I got to where I was staying in Sweden a couple of days ago and found to my surprise a Radio Cymru postcard stuck to the wall in the kitchen!

    Rhys Wynne said...

    Radio Cymru is considered un-cool by some, but that's porbbly bcause they only tune in during Jonsi show in the morning, or when it's got hymn singing on sundays. There's some alright show's in the evening depending on the DJ (Huw Stephens & Ian Cottrell are cool, Dafydd Du and Kevin Roberts are not). This is the problem you're going to get with there being only one radio station having to please the differing tastes of all Welsh spaekers.

    Now, get this idea of a British football team out of your head otherwsie you won't be allowed into the Millenium Stadium when you visit Wales ;-)

    Dave Morris said...

    I'm fairly sure those kids gave themselves cerebral hemotomas. Owwee.

    By the way, my word verification was efdbtaxg. Anyone want to guess how that "word" is unique?

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    I'm pleased that you found that film but at the same time worried. Where would you find something like that?

    That dark haired guy has a future in comedy if Jim Carey's career is anything to go by.

    Astrid said...

    I noticed that the two 17-year old fellows are actually from a Dutch university! I might need to trace them down, coz I think their video rocks and it most certainly woke me up!!!