Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The King Ralph contingency plan

  • A co-worker today was asking me when I will be back from the UK, so he could schedule some vacation days.
    "Well, if I come back, my first day would be Oct. 17," I said.
    "If you come back?"
    "Yeah. I think it's important that I always be prepared for the possibility that they will make me king."

  • More proof that Wayne Rooney is a punk.

  • I learned from experience Monday that if a mouse darts out from beneath the stove and runs over my foot, I will shout very loudly: "Dadgumit!!!"*
    I find it amusing that with all the profanity I use on a daily basis, it does not come naturally. Anyway, several traps have been set out. I hate meeses to pieces.

  • Macalester College, which is just down the street from my apartment, is home to the second-worst football team of all time. This should surprise no one. The only surprise is that Macalester even has a football team. It would appear that the Scots are continuing the tradition -- they have lost their first three games this season.

    *Apparently I am Yosemite Sam.

    heatherfeather said...

    i think a royal contingency plan is always necessary for when you go out of the country.

    although it's doubtful they'd make yosemite sam king.

    i'm just saying, is all.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Egad! I thought you were Major Hoople.

    Shawn D. Mickschl said...

    If the child-bride convinces you to get a horse, you can hit it over the head with a shovel and bellow, "WHEN I SAY WHOA, I MEAN WHOA!"

    The #3 worst football team of all time is Northwestern. It just so happened that "The Sheriff" Dennis Green was the head coach for a good portion of their 31-game losing streak.


    Curly said...

    It may also transpire than Manchester United will need a new striker if the little scouse hooligan carries on like that. You can kick a ball can't you?

    Dave Morris said...

    I am considering buying a set of Chris Cope mudflaps for my truck.

    Mayo said...

    you know...I keep reading your blog...and I have to confess that its not because its terrably interesting but because I think your hansome, oh and I love your title. So shallow i know, I just could not hender the guilt. Anyhoo....Cheers!


    Visualized Dedication

    Chris Cope said...

    Not terribly interesting, but handsome -- I don't think I could aspire to be anything more. Bless you and your poor vision, Cody.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh dear. She's misguided.