Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Love Is Infinite, Tiny

Alert your government representative, my latest column is out.

Here's a random sentence: "There are probably billions of world citizens who would have trouble even pronouncing the phrase 'Maggie and Anthony.'"


OldHorsetailSnake said...

How amazing is it that there will be remorse, arguments over finances, sleepless nights with baby, burnt casseroles...

(I just had to rain on your parade of sappiness. Hoss 1, Chris 0.)

(Actually it was a very nice thing, and something the lovebirds will cherish, I'm sure.)

Dave Morris said...

Nice thoughts.

I'm with Hoss. Since I've been "infinite and infinitesimal" three times, perhaps my skepticism is showing. Shame on me... SHAME.

I wish your friends ALL the best, they are lucky to have found each other across the vast space between KY and NY. (although it's only one letter apart!)

You said "I probably won't be there for conception..." and it made me giggle.

You really are a talented writer, I thoroughly enjoy your schtuff.