Saturday, September 3, 2005

Offering my useless and bitter opinion on a place I visited for a week in 1998

Here's what I've been thinking about New Orleans (and Louisiana and Mississippi and Alabama): This is America.

It is not some extension of America; not pseudo-America; not America the way Hong Kong was British, but actual Heartland, voted-for-Bush America.

For all our ridiculous songs and poems and books and movies and news channels and radio talk shows and cutesy fucking chain e-mails and chest thumping about how great we are, all our rodeo clown patriotism, this, World, is how we treat our own. We ignore one another. We leave one another to die and rot in the street.


Dave Morris said...

I, ME, could have gotten together 3 or 4 dozen semis full of water and food and driven it down there before the government did. Truly, Sri Lanka probably responded to the tsunami faster than we did to this hurricane, and we had two or three days' warning.

Dave Morris said...

PS - I had to add something. I don't blame any particular entity, nor criticize whether the correct steps were taken, it's a very fluid situation with events nobody could have predicted. However, even President Bush himself said the response time was unacceptable, and with that I agree.

I've heard the word "racism" many times and I must say that's ridiculous. This has been an equal opportunity boondoggle.

Cheryl said...

I heard the levees were only built to withstand a force 2. If thats true, someone somewhere knew it could be this bad. I don't get why evacuation, emergency camps and clean up werent pre-arranged with more awareness as soon as they knew it was going to be a 4 or 5.
Its horrific.