Wednesday, September 14, 2005

You talk funny

  • Thursday, the child bride Rachel and I will be driving to the great state of Kentucky to attend a wedding. I am going to attempt to blog via audio posts but there's a high probability of failure when I try new things, so this blog may remain stale until Tuesday.
    If the audio posts do work, I apologize in advance if you are disappointed by my voice. Recently Thomas rocked the blog world when he revealed that he had sheared away his curly hair -- the fact that he had had curly hair was a surprise to some of his readers who hadn't pictured him that way. Similarly, you may have a set idea of my voice or accent that will be shattered by the audio post. If your world is fragile, I suggest that you not listen to the blog posts.

  • In doing a quick search for some information on Lexington -- where the wedding will be held -- I came across this rather odd tourist suggestion: "Mount your own Civil War campaign."

  • My wife is now officially a registered dietitian -- she passed her certification test with flying colors Tuesday. Actually, that's a lie; there were no flying colors involved. If she had showed up with a load of self-promoting banners she likely would have been kicked out of the testing center.
    Nonetheless, she did really well and is now officially qualified to tell you how to eat. I am going to live to be 300 years old thanks to my wife.

  • Here's a random conversation between me and a co-worker today:
    ME: "Yeesh, 'folks' is a stupid word to use in hard news."
    CW: "Folks?"
    "Yeah, in place of 'people' -- 'the folks effected by hurricane Katrina.'"
    "Oh, it's like they're spinning a yarn."
    "Uncle Remus News: "Well, now. Ol' Brer Bear done lost his house to dat mean ol' Hurrikin Katrina.'"
    "But the tar baby didn't mind, cuz he was made of tar."

  • Fuck. I am scheduled to fly Northwest to the UK in three weeks.

    TotallyHappened said...

    Lexington is only an hour-and-a-half or so from me. You gonna stop and say hi? :) BTW, they talk REAL funny in Lexington.

    Cheryl said...

    Congratulations to your wife!

    Thomas said...

    Me talk funny every day.

    Astrid said...

    In reference to his age, do you reckon Santa Clause has a wife like Rachel as well?