Monday, October 17, 2005

Back at work

  • So, now that I have managed a way to get to the UK, I find myself thinking, "Shit, what have I got myself into?" How the hell does one go about finding a place to live in Cardiff? Where's a good place to live? How do I get all my stuff out there? And on and on and on. At the very least, this stuff won't become an issue for another eight months, but it's hard not to think about. If you have any idea how to answer these questions, let me know (I am waiting for the obligatory "Well, I own a property in Treforest..." from Cheeky).
    I have also found it hard to drop back into my usual routine. I think it may be residual jet lag, but there is also a sense that everything has become temporary. I was sitting at my desk today, looking at the picture of my wife and me with WWE legend Mick Foley and thinking: "I should take that home today."

  • Kossover, if you are reading this, I bought you Jaffa Cakes. The sooner you collect them, the better your chances of actually receiving them before I choose to eat them.

  • What if you had way too much time on your hands?

  • Snow white and the seven gnomes.

  • Out of context, this sentence makes the story sound far more interesting than it actually is: "Downey said she started keeping a journal of everything she put in her mouth, and she said that alone revealed a lot."

  • Olympic Morris dancing. Make your own jokes. And if fellas waving handkerchiefs is incorporated into the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Welsh sure as hell better play a role. I have visions of a massive group of Welshies just sort of yammering away -- not really singing, because I can't sing -- and my weaseling my way into being a part of it.
  • 4 comments: said...

    Cardiff University offers help for accomodation. Otherwise I'm afraid it's going to be looking at newsagent windows, and things like that. Pob lwc!

    Anonymous said...

    Wherever you stay, make sure there's a guestroom, or at least room for a couch that sleeps uninvited houseguests who are 5'8" tall. :-) I might just feel the need to travel to Wales to visit!'ll be an adventure, I'm sure.

    Cheryl said...

    Buying or renting?
    The Uni should have a list of good places to look for student digs (houses that get let out to people on a seriously low budget, but only because they are university students, as opposed to unemployed, ahem.)

    Otherwise try: (nice map beside the list), or

    Or was that question rhetorical?

    Congratulations again.

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    Well, I do own a property in Treforest. Two in fact.

    Unfortunately one is already occupied by students and the other by two evil and unruly civil servants.

    Being serious though. Living in Trefforest and commuting to Cardiff could save you a bundle on rent. The increase travel costs are far less than the difference in rental values. Quite a few students do this. How tight is your budget?

    I doubt that you'd be able to get into a Cardiff Halls of Residence, but I could be wrong. For the uninformed, imagine a rabit hutch with a bed but smaller.