Monday, October 10, 2005


I'm in Cardiff. My hotel has Internet access, so I get to blog while an old man reads some magazine called 'Ladies First.'

I had my radio interview today, which was a hoot. I spoke with Hywel and Nia (can't be arsed to link to their site -- look it up on the Radio Cymru site) for a good half hour. Odds are, they will splice it down to two minutes. Ah well. If you are interested, I think the interview runs tomorrow morning. In an ideal world, I would be able to switch it on right in the middle of Very Important Things and Very Important People would be mightily impressed. I'll let you know how that goes.

I got yelled at by the woman at hotel reception for taking my room key along with me. Apparently I'm not supposed to do this. Who knew?

Apparently one can purchase a 4-bedroom seaside villa in Turkey for £32,500. That's what it says on the little advert sitting on this desk. Why this hotel in Cardiff has an advert for Turkish villas, and why you would want to live in Turkey, I do not know. Do you suppose there has been just one person to look at that advert and think: 'Ooh, yeah. Turkish villa. That's for me.' I suppose in that case, the advert was worth it.

For those of you wondering, I never set foot in the Texas Embassy back in London. Jenny and Chris and I got there and it looked packed. From the outside, it appeared to be some sort of Chevy's knockoff. Traveling all that way to eat at a Chevy's, let alone a place that isn't really Chevy's seemed a bit silly, so we had Thai food instead.

If anyone plans on corresponding with Arriva trains anytime soon, do me a favor and tell them to add a few fucking cars to their Sunday services. I stood all the way from Ludlow to Cardiff. Actually, it wasn't so bad -- a very attractive, large-breasted woman spent the trip from Abergavenny to Cardiff pressed up against me.


Dave Morris said...

Large breasted women are NEVER bad.

It's funny that, when choosing a restaurant, you tried to find anything but general British cuisine. I've heard it's a bit bland, but have never traveled there.

Welsh must be a very difficult language, it looks like a baby got hold of a typewriter. :)

Keep having fun man, report back when you can!

Curly said...

It's an ongoing problem Chris, it's not just arriva but pretty much all the train operators in Britain.

Sometime in the last year (can't remember exactly), First Great Western ran the last train out of Cardiff on a Sunday at 5:05pm - not too bad but this was only five minutes after a match finished in the stadium... 40,000 people had travelled down that weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad you're having fun. What city is the Turkish villa in? I am exactly the kind of person who would be interested in that advert!

Cheekysquirrel said...

Fact of the matter is that property is sooooo bloody expensive in the UK that people are looking to invest in cheap places such as Turkey and the other top cheap property Bulgaria.

I know 2 people who have bought in Bulgaria and another interested. Plus one who bought in Turkey. The two in Bulgaria looked at turkey first but decided on Bulgaria.

p.s. I loved Turkey and wouldn't mind a villa there myself.

Ifan Morgan Jones said...

I have the same problem with Arriva every time I go up and down from Bangor to Cardiff. I was standing for six whole hours the week before last. Argh.

Gareth said...

The Welsh transportation system is rather poor, so be thankfull you are going to Cardiff.

Further West when you depend on train and bus connections you can be left stranded for ages waiting for one to arrive after the other has left.

I've not yet discoverd why Arriva think it is acceptable for the bus to Cardigan to leave Carmarthern five minutes before the bus from Swansea comes in.

Thank god my father is willing to driver the 56 mile roundtrip to pick me up.