Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Debunking Lies About The U.K.

My latest column is out. Feel free to send it to friends, family and Cambrophiles.


Jenny said...

Woo, immortalised!

Although I'd like to add that it only applies to our own children. The children of guests should obviously be stuffed full of jam tarts morning, noon and night.

I was thinking of this recently when I was offered a cake by a Scottish colleague as her four-year-old looked on droolingly.

'Will you have another scone, Jenny?'

'Oh, yes please.'

'Can I have one, mummy?'


Ah, the old country.

Cheryl said...

Love your article and love Jenny's comment. Maybe its Celts, not just Scots, or maybe its Brits. I can relate.

Mari said...

(Ydw i'n cael gadael sylw yn Gymraeg ar dy flog Saesneg?) Beth bynnag, diolch am ddysgu gair newydd i mi - dwi am ddychryn y merched sy'n byw efo fi drwy honni fod gen i Cambrophilia :D

Chris Cope said...

Chwadan! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? I won't translate what you said because it makes me blush just to read it! You are naughty! Although, I have to admit that the part about lining the walls of a Fiat with petroleum jelly appeals to me...

(No, really what she says is that she intends to terrify her roommate by claiming to suffer from Cambrophilia)