Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I should just stay

Can't talk now. Drinking to do.

I'm moving to Wales, bitches.

No, really. I had an interview with Cardiff University today and they have offered me a place on the Welsh-language degree course.

The interview process stretched about three hours. My brain is shot. More later.


Dave Morris said...

Can people really move to Wales? I thought that was just a fairy tale.

BTW, my word verification looks like a Welsh word. biyrqllj

Cheryl said...

Cleaner everything, and well, if you like British beer you're set!


Curly said...

Llongyfarchion! If you're not sitting in a pub right now - which you should be. Give me a ring, finished college early today.

Anonymous said...

Do it. Leave America while you still can, and do it.

What's the worst that could happen?

Huw said...

Wow! What news!

Quickly! Drink!

Cheekysquirrel said...

He took his pet hatreds out for a walk,
On a very strong piece of chain,
For they seemed to dislike the populace,
And would bite people time and again,

He left them out side the hardware shop,
While he purchased a packet of nails,
And when he came out, his pet hatreds had gone.
He was happy and moved to Wales.

Copyright Robert Rankin 1996

p.s. Croeso y Gymru and congratz.

Cheekysquirrel said...

p.p.s. Was it the large breasted woman on the train that convinced you to move to Wales?

Don't get too excited, it won't happen every day... well not unless you are a really good stalker.

Afe said...

Well done, old chap.

Lurglyyn myboch fardoon!

Alright I can't speak Welsh I just wanted to feel included.

Christopher Phin said...

Huzzah and hurrah! We'll crack open a bottle of finest non-vintage supermarket Cava on your behalf.


Linus said...


Congratulations man. I was in Wales once. It's great, but their kebabs are terrible. Is that a reason to call off the move? I simply don't know.

Lucy said...

Riiiiight. The child bride will NOT be happy methinks.