Monday, October 31, 2005

Phi Delta Theta for aye, boom, boom, boom

If you missed it, Huw put his life on the line for science over the weekend. He said it reminded him of a fraternity* stunt and I am half inclined to send him one of my old ΦΔΘ sweatshirts as reward.
I am now trying to think of other challenges to set for Huw that would not get him killed. With Guy Fawkes Night coming on Saturday, I have been trying to think of something that would involve fire/explosives. But, as I said. I don't want Huw to be killed or arrested. Any ideas?

  • I would like to thank the Minnesota Vikings for sucking as much as they do. On Sunday I decided to forego watching the game and spent several hours lounging around with my wife, instead. When I happened to flip on the TV at the start of the fourth quarter, the Vikings were down 7-31 and Brad "I should be a second-stringer in NFL Europe" Johnson was in at quarterback.
    Brad Johnson.
    We're done.

  • Check out the bloke in this story. Who wouldn't want to kidnap him?

  • Dumb, dumb dead guy.

  • Lately I've been thinking about getting a haircut. I miss my really short hair, but the child bride says she likes being able to run her fingers through my hair. So, I have been trying to think of some sort of unique middle ground. At first I wanted to go with a 1900s-1920s look, but everyone of that time period simply slicked their hair back and we already know that look does not work for me. So, now I am thinking of going for a sort of Victorian look. I am not sure, though, how well this will go over with my wife.

    *You'll note my uppity refusal to call it a "frat" (Come on, fraternity guys out there -- you know the line about why we don't call it a "frat," don't you? First guy to answer in comments wins... the satisfaction of answering first). I was that guy who sort of bought into the fraternity concept -- peer encouragement to better oneself. Arguably, the concept (used effectively in church and study and volunteer groups and the like) is woefully misapplied in fraternity life.
    True fact: I was my fraternity's chaplain.
    I would like to think that one day my writing will finally catch and I'll become famous enough that they'll put my name in that book they give to phikeias (pledges), alongside such greats as Dabney Coleman and Adlai Stevenson.

    Afe said...

    I think I saw that kidnapped guy at a fancy dress party last week...

    Greg said...

    And now Culpepper is out for the year. Will they win another game????

    Anonymous said...

    Short on top, long in back. Never goes out of style.

    And you wouldn't call your country ....

    So sayeth your non-frat (some would say anti-frat) editor.

    Tuck Fexas.

    cridlyn said...

    Is the Victorian person related to you? We (well, I) demand an answer!

    Anonymous said...

    You look like a Russian coke dealer in that picture. Not one of the nice ones , either; the kind that don't bother to take off their rings when they slap ya round.

    Dave Morris said...

    Options are a mullet or a mohawk. Whichever the child bride prefers!

    word verification for this post: suckpte. I've heard of a pity suck, but never suck pity.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Such a megabunch of stories to which to respond. Pink suit guy is Jimmy Boffa. He will be mixed with the next Mall of America.

    The slick hairdo is FAR, FAR superior to Victorian. Even better than what you got now.

    Phi Delts suck, according to Sigma Chis. We had Sweethearts of Sigmn Chi, and you didn't.

    Curly said...

    You could always shave your head and wear a wig for easy removal when needed?