Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Soiree Wednesday

  • Last night I came up with an idea that I have tentatively named 'Soiree Wednesday.' It is basically an internal vow to be more social. This is partially an offshoot of a conversation I had with Chris last week about the new definition of community that may occur as a result of blogging, the internet, et al. He pointed out that in the modern world it is not uncommon for a person to not ever speak to the person who lives next door to you while maintaining a full and rich life interacting with people living in the Netherlands and St. Louis and Oregon and Australia and on. The implications of all this, what it says about the state of the human race, is up for debate, I suppose.
    But what I got out of it was the realization that I am crap about getting out of my wee apartment and interacting with the people whom I claim are my friends. In the year 2005, I have probably seen Esther (who lives about 7 miles from me) only slightly more than I have seen Chris and Jenny (who live about 4,000 miles from me). How is this acceptable?
    It's not.
    Of course, part of the problem is that we have all hit this age and point in our lives in which we spend all day wearing away our souls for various benevolent employers; spontaneous outings run the risk of depleting us even further. When people invite me out to something, there is always this part of me that thinks: "Ah, hell. I'll end up staying too long and drinking too much and I'll feel like a fat sack of poo for the rest of the week and the things I want to do -- these little minor things that I have worked into my daily routine and now somehow can't go without, like one of those damned people who will be dead within the hour when the revolution comes because their air conditioning cut out -- will not get done and I'll spend too much money."
    Sweet mother of the baby Jesus on a BMX bike, I am a sad individual that I can be crippled with such negativity over simply interacting with other human beings.
    So anyway, here's my plan: On Wednesdays (or Tuesdays, whichever is mutually convenient) I will be social.
    That's it.
    But, see, I've made it out to be some sort of obligation, giving it a name and little rules like, "I am not allowed to spend more than $10," so that I will actually do it. Brilliant.

  • Last night I was out at St. Paul's Dubliner Pub with a group of unsuspecting fools new hires who are up at the headquarters of my benevolent employer for training. The Dubliner is one of St. Paul's 72 million Irish pubs and, as required by municipal code, an Irish band -- in this case Drunk and Disorderly -- was up on stage.
    "Man, there's almost no chance of your walking into a bar in Miami and hearing this music," said one of the guys (from Miami, of course).
    "That's why I have no interest in going to Miami," I said.

  • America makes me nervous sometimes.

  • Ignoring the generic brilliance of this story's headline, I can't help but lament how hard it is to find a decent blaspheme in the mall these days.
    There used to be a very nice Blasphemes N' Things store on the third level of the Mall of America, but they replaced it with a store that sells papal indulgences and cheese logs (a sort-of all-in-one store, I guess).

    Huw said...

    Have you met my neighbours?!? (rhetorical) I'd *much* rather hunch over a screen which makes my eyes sore and interact with an erudite Saint Paulian than with those gobshites.

    But you’re right of course. I am trying to make more of an effort with my 'real' friends. Like encouraging them to get Messenger...

    Afe said...

    I too suffer from a lack of social effort. A regular arrangement is a good idea - every Thursday I have boys night. That way we don't actually have to ring each other to make arrangements. We just turn up.

    Curly said...

    It does save money though, all the none-socialising. More E-mails and Messenger = less phone bill. Also, there's not much chance of bumping into people that you really don't want to talk to.

    Afe, I like that idea of just turning up on a certain night of the week. We used to have a less stringent approach - go into the pub every day, just incase your mates were there.

    cridlyn said...

    I also hate my meighbours. If I ever have to contact them, I send a letter, entitled "Dear C**ts In Charge of Next Door". You know, familiar like.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    "Takeover" Burnell is walking on eggs. He needs more than Christians. He'll need Methodists and Presbyterians and Lutherans and Catholics and.... Well, you get the idea. He should join my group, with a much snappier name: The Moron Majority.

    Crystal said...

    Hi Chris! I was researching how to say Hello in Welsh so that I could impress you, but it's impossible. There are entirely too many consonants in a row for my mouth to form such sounds. So can you teach me how to say hello...or "i need a spanking" in welsh but with a french accent? ok?

    Tom Parsons said...

    Chris, my problem is I get out too much. Living in Uptown, it's way too easy to walk up the street to the Independent or the Uptown and drop a small second mortgage on two pints.

    We could make a Welsh group thingy, ond tydyn?

    kari said...

    i think we should take EWP out some tuesday night and be social.

    Chris Cope said...

    My thinking exactly, Kari. If she would e-mail me back, that's what I had planned for this coming Wednesday.