Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Dan's on the blog!

He looks like he's 18 years old here. He's also a Republican, so feel free to make fun of him (within reason).


jay are said...

I think that maybe he's actually 12, judging from this picture. But that's what you get with a republican, isn't it? someone trying to be something he's not. Nah, just funnin' with ya.

Astrid said...

What's wrong with his mouth? Should we throw some peanuts in or will a pacifier do? Nah, I bet he is a sweetie! Huuray for Dan the Man says his biggest fan (--> me <---)!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That dude looks sweet. He must be the coolest person I've ever seen.

And not that I know, because I'm not Dan, but I would guess that the mouth thing is kind of a Gene Simmons pose in celebration of the Child Brides birthday....that or he had a decent number of watered down Jack and Sevens and thus started ordering extra shots in each drink to make up for the difference.

What a very cool looking guy.