Monday, November 7, 2005

Dave's not here, man

  • Thomas has ceased to be. I'm pretty sure Tom DeLay had him shut down.

  • If your name is Dan, you may be looking at this blog and wondering why the hell your picture isn't here -- I never got the file.
    A group of us went out to The Liffey on Saturday night to celebrate the child bride's birthday, and Dan went to the trouble to take a rock-and-roll style "I'm on the blog" photo with his camera phone. But I think his weak drinks may have caught up with him sooner than he thought, because while I received the e-mail from his phone, the picture that was supposed to come with it wasn't there.

  • The Vikings actually won a game this weekend (true, it was to an utterly pathetic Lions team, but we'll take what we can get), and the Packers continued their losing streak. That means I've almost forgotten about Wales' embarrassment against New Zealand. Almost.

    Support The Poppy Appeal 2005This is kind of cool. The Poppy Appeal this year offers a little button that you can put on your blog. I have put it up on my site to make up for the fact that I won't really be able to buy one this year -- due to my lack of easy access to old fellas selling poppies in train stations. I will also be wearing the poppy that Jenny sent me last year.

  • In a number of municipalities all across the United States, Tuesday is election day. This is not the fabled Mid-Term Elections upon which Democrats are pinning their hopes, but simply a time to elect myriad city and state leaders who actually hold more influence in our daily lives, but to whom very few people pay any attention. In St. Paul, we have two elections taking place -- one for mayor and one for three open slots on the school board.
    Across the river in that slum they call Minneapolis (here's a picture of their goofball current mayor dancing in traffic), there are some five separate elections taking place, including for the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation. The hell? It brings up that old question of whether one of the problems with American politics is that there are simply too many layers of government -- city, county, state, and federal, and all with multitudinous roles to be filled. What percentage of the Minneapolis population, do you suppose, can name one person who is or has ever been on the Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation?

    heatherfeather said...

    either it was tom delay or the terrorists have won.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    He is NOT dancing. He's trying to get the gas hose back.

    Astrid said...

    Yes, I send Thomas an e-mail asking whether his Blog had carried off with the wind and this was his reply:

    "I have retired from blogging for awhile. I need to concentrate on school and taking the bar for the next 4 months and I couldn't have blogged as regularly as I did previously."

    It is rather sad, huh? How one can lose Blogger-friends like one loses money in the arcade. I hope he will return to us again in abundance!!!