Friday, November 18, 2005

Educated masses are a drag

  • Southern Ohio hates fancy learnin'. I read a number of stories from across the United States and have noticed that Ohio voters love to defeat school bonds. Schools cancel buses; no one cares. Schools cancel extra-curricular activities; no one cares. Schools lay off teachers; no one cares. Schools turn down the heat and encourage students to dress warmly; no one cares.
    Charlotte, please explain what the hell is happening in your state -- why do y'all hate ejukayshun?

  • Ford has introduced something it calls its Keep It Simple Plan and rather brilliantly, it is not simple. If you look at the example given, there are four separate figures to look at.

  • So, if someone brings me cold chili I'm just supposed to let it go? How is that fair?

  • Come on, Prince George's County! You can do it! One more to tie the record.

  • Australia gets all the cool stuff -- like glowing meat.

  • Creative judges always amuse me. But something about a judge's ability to just make up punishments has a certain third world element to it, I think.

  • Yeesh. You can tell it is November sweeps -- the time when TV stations will do anything and everything to increase viewership -- when you see stupid stories like this one that have absolutely no journalistic value whatsoever.
    Uhm. Wait. What was the name of spray again?

    TotallyHappened said...

    Here's the thing to know about getting (and keeping) a teaching job in Ohio: Coach a sports team. It doesn't even need to be a "real" one -- ping pong will do. Sports involvement = job security.

    Anonymous said...

    I live in Prince George's County, and brother, it is bad down here. We had a guy get stomped to death in front of a Border's a couple of days ago; the week I moved into my place, a guy got shot at the Shell station where I fill up.

    I just assumed that spray was a aerosol version of cocaine.

    Huw said...

    Bravo Judge Cicconetti.

    I wonder if the lady in question's personal problems stemmed from the fact she had 33 kittens...?

    Dave Morris said...

    Coupla things:

    GM has announced it's own version of the Keep It Simple plan. "We've gone bankrupt, so we'll sell any car for just about any price you offer!"

    And that nasal spray - I'm still thinking of a way to administer it without her knowing. "Close your eyes and sniff, baby." Probably wouldn't work.

    Thomas said...

    I don't like how those people who argue for "fancy learning" always make us take final exams.

    Andraste said...

    That glowing meat story ends with a truly inspirational line; "If it glows, throw it..."

    I fear that we have finally entered the arena of the unwell here...

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    How do you dig up all this cool stuff? (Oh, and Charlize, test this new nasal spray for me, will you?)

    cridlyn said...

    "I steal forks from restaurants".

    That woman is 25? I'm off down the gym...