Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Happy St. Andrew's Day

  • Cripes. How can it only be Wednesday? You suck, weekdays.

  • I suppose it's not all bad. As mentioned earlier, today is St. Andrew's Day. Get your kit off, ladies!

  • Like a lot of people, I have my blog set up to send me an e-mail every time someone makes a comment. It ensures that I get to see all the witty things you say.
    Unfortunately, the feature doesn't tell me to which post a person has responded. Usually i can figure it out, but this can sometimes be a problem when people respond to posts that have slipped from my memory (i.e., posts that are more than two days old). As such, I have no idea to which post the following comment is in reference:
    "He is a somebody! He is a Disney favorite. Guess you spend to much time on the internet talking about things and people you know nothing about to have children. Why dont you read up before you post any dumb comment. thanks"
    Of course the comment came from "Anonymous" and in classic angry commenter style, it has grammar/spelling mistakes. I think this may be an unwritten rule of negative commenting -- we see a lot of it in the Global Media Conspiracy. Most of the people who write in to complain that we are treasonous homosexual abortionists who are pushing our liberal socialist agenda to take God out of the schools struggle to string words together. But I'm intrigued; what Disney favorite could I have slighted that it would earn an angry response?
    According to the Blogger dashboard feature, I have spoken about things and people I know nothing about some 640 times on this blog (this post included), so it's difficult to just go through the archives and find the comment. I don't expect you to know, either, of course, but which Disney favorite do you think I might have insulted?

  • Scientologists -- crazy? Oh, hell yes.

  • Another reason to stay calm when driving: if you road rage, Ric Flair might kick your ass.

  • I have been feeling something very strongly today, but I only feel like stating it enigmatically via two sentences:
    - The No. 1 rule of broadcast journalism is that there are no other rules when you have good video.
    - Eight months feels like a long time.

    jay are said...

    Okay, my two somewhat pathetic suggestions for the Disney character: Rudolph (when you did a little hilarious tangent about the song)? or perhaps Pooh, when you talked about the blanket (except that you didn't say anything derogatory, so that wouldn't really make sense)? Obviously, their rant doesn't make sense anyway, so I guess my guesses don't have to either.

    And how can anyone respond to anything the Church of Scientology does? The last line of that article was great.

    heatherfeather said...

    chris, there is likely a hyperlink at the bottom of the email that says, "posted to dancing the polka with miss el cajon" which has a hyperlink that takes you to the post where the comment landed.

    of course, i'm assuming you knew this and were playing the loveable nuzhdly.

    Chris Cope said...

    No, actually, I don't get that link. I think Blogger likes you more than they like me.

    Binty McShae said...

    They were celebrating St Andrew's 6 days early here in Sinless City... any excuse for booze and mini-kilted barmaids.

    cridlyn said...

    Wotch it, Cope, or Goofie wil cum kick yo ass.

    Banksy said...

    My guess on the enigmatic phrases is that you wanted to run some great video but your bosses stopped you ergo, statement two, that the eight months until you quit USA for Wales seems like a very long time.

    Am I close?

    Chris Cope said...

    You're right on the second part, Banksy.

    Andraste said...

    Hmmmm...your anonymous complainer couldn't be pissed about Rudolph, because that's not a Disney character...any idiot knows it's Rankin/Bass.

    And it was on last night! They remastered it, but sadly, the soundtrack is still hopelessly warped.

    Dave Morris said...

    Amazing that just being a science fiction writer qualifies you to run a "church." It reminds me of the freaks who dress up as Star Wars characters when something new is released... or the Star Trek conventions.

    I believe Gene Roddenberry is God.

    heatherfeather said...

    chris, i'm deeply sorry blogger doesn't think as highly of you as it does of me.

    jay are said...

    Maybe Danielle Steele should start a church. The Church of Steele. The 10 Commandments of Steele. Steelanetics.

    Astrid said...

    Mmm.. I was about to say the same thing as HeatherFeather said. It is awkward that Blogger treats you different than us, maybe they think you like to puzzle? A little bit of a challenge in life is always good, right?