Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Hey, you -- get into my car

It's like being in the car with me, sans the carbon monoxide fumes -- an audio post because Charlotte loves them so much.

One thing to remember here is that the windows of my car are closed.

MP3 File


Chris Cope said...

It would make a very fine riot car

Huw said...

Phew. For the first 20 seconds of that, I was like "Ermmm, he hasn't just posted a minute of his car's engine, has he?"

TotallyHappened said...

Hooray for audio posts!!

Sometimes it's good to have such a loud engine -- it hides all the other noises the car makes. Less worry, you know? :)

Crystal said...

oh my goodness chris. i had no idea. i had absolutely no idea. you got me interested in this here audio post so much that i went to your welsh site and clicked on that audio post. holy crapballs. i have never heared of such the man that can roll his tongue with such precision, such rapidity, such...purpose.