Friday, November 11, 2005

Ill, but not necessarily licensed

  • For reasons that I cannot explain, I found myself suffering very serious hiraeth for Reno, Nev., today. I'm pretty sure some sort of awful infection has reached my brain.
    You may remember my being sick two weeks ago. I got better for about two days but now I'm sick again. So, I did that dumb thing of trying to self-diagnose by searching my symptoms on Web MD. I have tuberculosis.

  • It may be worse, actually. Dogs can smell cancer, apparently, so I may have testicular cancer.

  • Sheep + rugby players = fun

  • Maybe too much fun with sheep is to blame for Wales' poor performance Friday. They beat Fiji, but only just barely. At half-time, Wales were down 0-7. That's hardly the play you'd expect from the reigning Six Nations champions and it has put me in a pissy mood, especially since I know things in my sports world will not improve Sunday when the Vikings go against the Giants.

  • Yipes. What a horrible, horrible way to come into the world.

  • Let's all raise a toast to the informed voters of Riverside, Calif., who this week elected a prisoner to their school board. The best guess as to why they did this: His name was at the top of the ballot.

  • Wasn't this woman a character in a Carl Hiaasen novel?

  • Earlier this week, a relatively sizeable piece about older bloggers showed up on The Associated Press wire*. I'm sure the first thing you'll notice about this story, however, is that Gene got screwed. Not one mention of him.

  • Not sure the point of this.

    *Note that USA Today has slugged the story "geezer-blog" in their URL.

    Astrid said...

    I think parents could make the blue ball-page a punishment:

    "Now if you don't empty your plate, you have to sit in front of your computer and watch the blue ball-screen for an an hour."
    "No, mommy, PLEASE don't make me watch that screen for a whole hour. I'll eat everything and then I will brush my teeth and peacefully go to bed! I promise!"

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    It's okay AP ignored me. I got interviewed recently by AARP, and I didn't mention the Associated Press, either.

    Curly said...

    Can journalists REALLY get away with the use of the word 'Gotten' in an article? As in:-

    "..Hale may have gotten votes because he was at the top of the ballot."