Friday, November 25, 2005


Rachel and me
Originally uploaded by ChrisCope.
This is what Rachel and I look like whilst standing out in the cold and waiting for my dad to get his damned camera to work.

We were taking pictures to turn into Christmas cards (yes, we are those people -- the ones who send Christmas cards of themselves) but by this point had lost all patience with my dad's camera.

"Well, it keeps shutting off on me," my dad said.

"I need to get you a new camera for Christmas," I said.

"But there's nothing wrong with this camera."

"Yes there is. We've been standing here for five minutes and you haven't taken a picture yet."

"Ah. There it went."


Huw said...

Now *there's* some impressive knitwear on show.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Man, I can see why you got a good grip on Rachel. You wouldn't want a really pretty one like that out of your sight. This is a FINE picture, Chris, and I thank you and Dad for it.

Chris Cope said...

You're right, Huw -- we do look as if we are in some sort of catlog for woolen goods.

heatherfeather said...

see, the knitted goods were the first things i noticed, too! i love rachel's hat and your scarf! bully for y'all! i wanna make her hat!

(this comment brought to you by the makers of exclamation points, the jhvwjkmz company)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I saw your twin brother handing out anti-war fliers in Bethesda today.

Matthew said...

Maybe your dad could use a new user-friendly camera. I thought that was a picture from a clothing retailer's catalogue. I jest. Can I expect to receive a card?

Astrid said...

Maybe you should let someone paint you next year? It will take nearly just as much time as your father's photo-shoot and plus, the friendly smiles can be adjusted to your liking!

Goo said...

astrid, i think rachel's facial expression is intriguing even if not perfect, much like mona lisa's smile... i wouldn't ajust anything. I would paint her as is but i would add a little mountain villiage in the back and maybe some sheep... y'know cuz that's how they got the wool.