Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's where we keep the evil

  • Rachel is in St. George, Utah, this weekend. You know how the old saying goes: when the cat is away, the mice will clean their parents' basement closet. Or something like that -- it's what I'll be doing, at least.
    In my parents' house is a large closet that is about 12 feet deep and then curves up underneath the stairs. The closet has become a sort of bottomless pit for my parents, who will open the door, simply throw something into the closet and then slam the door shut. They have operated in this fashion for at least 10 years, so Duw a ŵyr what I will find in there. It has been so long since my parents have ventured into that closet that when I announced my plans to clean it out, my mother got a little scared and suggested that I wear gloves and a mask and "clothes you can throw away."

  • "If you want to teach it in schools, intelligent design should be taught when religion or cultural history is taught, not science," says an official in the Vatican.

  • I forgot to link to this Thursday -- it appears Eddie Guerrero may have died of heart disease. I find that statistic of more than 65 pro wrestlers to have died in the last eight years to be pretty alarming.

  • Martin Moon makes a daring escape from a maximum security prison and then gets some 490 miles away before he decides to take a nap... wait for it... just outside a prison.

  • Reshel Reid gets thrown 40 feet from her motorcycle into a lake and then swims 50 yards to safety. That is pretty John L. Sullivan.

  • In the story of this random dumb guy, I think it's interesting that Sky goes out of its way to mention that the fella is Turkish. Sky is owned by News Corp., which also owns Fox News. I'm just saying...

  • Paris Hilton is kind of scary.

  • "My husband and I have sex about eight times per week," claims book shill Kerry McCloskey. Right. I can just imagine trying to convince the child bride to suffer me eight times a week: "But it's for your health, honey."

  • I mentioned the other day that my co-wage-slave, Maggie, is funnier than the rest of us (probably in part because we are boys and we try too hard) -- here's proof.

  • Good name for a band: Bag of Havoc

    Bethgun said...

    Good luck with that closet-cleaning...let's hope my folks don't put me up to similar tasks. After all, doesn't everyone's parents have a room/closet like that?

    Lindsay Hansen said...

    YIKES! My sister had once pointed out that Paris is not super expressive, facial-wise, and always has that one shoulder cocked.
    But this Web site is terrifying!!