Wednesday, November 30, 2005

St. Andrew Leads To St. Nick

My latest column is out. It contains passing reference to Chris and Jenny and this line: " Here, have some eggnog. Each cup is worth about $30."
Please forward it to all your friends and family; it makes the perfect holiday gift.


Jenny said...

That was a very good column, and not just because I'm in it. Although obviously I add a certain something. Profanity, mostly.

SHAMEFUL FACT: I had no idea that St Andrews Day was coming up. Our celebrations typically go like this:

'Oh, did you know that it is St Andrew's Day today?'
'Is it?'

We are so crap.

Curly said...

What a coincidence!! I saw a nude woman just the other day!

I'll be eating some scotch egggs to celebrate Andrew.

Thomas said...

Hi Chris. Wish me luck on today's final.