Tuesday, November 1, 2005

That shattering sound? My ego

  • To answer Geraint's question, no, I am not related to this guy. I found his picture via a web article on the hairstyles of Victorian gentlemen and had actually intended to link to the picture of this fellow.
    Last night, I was again being a big girl about my hair.
    "I thought you had already decided what to do about it," my wife said, alluding to Monday's post.
    "Yeah. I want something unique, but, you know, it's not very bad-ass is it?" I said.
    "Honey, you will never be bad-ass," my wife said.

  • "I want some motherfuckin' chocolate milk." ---- Gah. Remember that stuff I said about occasionally considering fatherhood? Lies. I hate children. I hate them because they have the potential to turn out like the kid heard in the video linked above. The video purports to have the voice of a 9-year-old kid having an argument with his mother, but I'm thinking he's a little older than that. Regardless, why is he not being beaten? Really. Why does this video not end with the child yelping in pain?
    (Link via Mariam)

  • Is there any other way to fight?

  • This confuses me: Why would Britain's Guardian newspaper cover city politics in St. Paul, Minn.?

    Astrid said...

    "Is there any other way to fight?" Maybe they wanted to play it fair and make sure no one was either in an advantage or disadvantage by the cloth they wore?

    Banksy said...

    The Guardian is taking an AP feed of breaking US news.

    Depending on how busy a day it is over there, they quite often carry this sort of stuff.

    Curly said...

    It doesn't really help the "Computers games don't make children violent" argument does it?

    Did you hear about this recently?

    cridlyn said...

    Disappointing. Most disappointing.

    The 'other way to fight', of course, is duelling in full get-up. I expected you to know this.