Friday, December 2, 2005

All-gay action

  • Here's a random ethical question: is it OK for a gay guy to punch his partner?It goes without saying that if the child bride and I have a disagreement, I would be totally Bad And Wrong if fisticuffs were introduced (probably to my benefit -- Rachel is deceptively strong). I would be an irredeemably horrible person, says the unwritten code, even if she were to throw the first punch.
    But if my co-worker and I were to beat each other to a pulp in the parking lot, we would be Settling Things Like Men. Yes, a lot of people would think we were sharp as marbles, but very few would think we were as inherently evil as if we were hitting women.
    So, boy hitting girl is wrong.
    Boy hitting boy is dumb but tolerable and sometimes unavoidable.
    But what if boy hitting boy is gay boy hitting gay boy? Somewhere in my confused internal sense of right and wrong, that is not OK. But I can't explain why.

  • We are the moral standard.

  • "Thank you for all coming to Ken's funeral. You know, if there's one thing that can be said about Ken, it's that he loved animals."

  • Our anus is a useful thing indeed.
    (Found via Elisa)

  • I've got a 65- to 75-percent chance of having a white Christmas.

  • Ford appears set to screw over workers in St. Paul, MN (and four other cities). Although, to be fair, I don't think it will affect the city very negatively. The Ford plant is in the middle of a nice neighborhood and situated right next to the Mississippi River -- developers are probably already wetting their pants in anticipation.

  • Rubbish. Portsmouth don't need Harry Redknapp. Personally, I don't think they need to be in the Premiership, either.

  • One of the benefits of French hospitals -- apparently you get chocolate and strawberries straight after having your face replaced.

  • My fellow wage slaves and I spent much of our day trying to figure out what Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin will name their next baby. Tom says "Snowflake;" Maggie says "Sandwich;" and I'm leaning toward "Courage."

    Wierdo said...

    That song is wierd :s! But, also, entertaining!

    Huw said...

    I think they [last point] should combine their last names and call it Marrow.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    Is it okay for gay boy to hit straight boy, but not vice versa? Seems like that would be fair.

    Dave Morris said...

    Punching is not allowed between gays, but it's quite acceptable for them to engage in a sissy slap fight over who's pitching tonight's game.

    Andraste said...

    Remember kids, the proper name for a 40-something guy, who sits on a slide in overalls, singing about penises and vulvas is "tit."

    mo** said...

    I never got strawberries or chocolate! humpf

    Astrid said...

    Wow, chocolate and strawberries in a hospital, I thought that only happened in dreams or in the Strawberry Shortcake Adventures.