Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chemical plant as far as the eye can see

Chemical plants!
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This is where the child bride and I spent much of our afternoon last Thursday. It is the jetty at Quintana, Texas.

Quintana describes itself as "Gateway to the Texas Gulf Coast." That's not much of a claim to fame. Many of my childhood summers were spent on this jetty and swimming in the ridiculously warm waters that surround it.

On the horizon you can see a drilling derrick and countless white and utilitarian structures. That is all chemical plant. I'm not sure if it's just one facility or a number of them.

You can also see the rusted bases for a wooden railing that once ran the length of the jetty. All the railing has been ripped out by storms.

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Dave Morris said...

How many extra arms, legs or "other" appendages did you have removed as a child, a result of swimming in bromine, raw crude and dioxin?