Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Holidays, Until Jan. 6

My latest column is out. In it, I posit that it will earn me hate mail, but so far so good. This probably has a more than a little bit to do with the fact that no one actually reads my columns.


Greg said...

Do you like to see the Baby Jesus cry? Is that it, you sick bastard????

(In case you don't get any actual hate mail, you can use this.)

Goo said...

Bravo Chris, your column was both entertaining and informative. One question though. You must tell me, why is this statement at the bottom: Chris Cope is married, with no children. His column... Hmmm that's weird.

Also, I realize now that I should save and cherish that Christmas card you sent me (thank you btw) just incase you do get famous, I can sell it on ebay. A funny thing about your card... its uncanny how almost everyone who looks at the gazillion Christmas cards displayed on my living room table will pick up or comment about your card, out of all other choices. I'm not quite sure why it stands out. Most of my friends' comments are "What a cute couple" and "Who are they?", in which case I say that it is my X girlfriend from way back when, and her new husband.

Thanx again :)

Chris Cope said...

I'm glad you got the card, Goo. And I'm sure that my ultra-conservative Mormon mother-in-law would appreciate your telling people that her daughter is your ex.