Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Happy Pearl Harbor Day

  • After pissing on America's Finest City on Heather's blog, I think it only fair that I offer one of my favorite San Diego memories.
    Several years ago, my wife and I were walking along the street in Pacific Beach and a random fellow walked up to us and asked, "Did you see the planes?"
    "What planes?"
    "The old planes. I saw them up over Balboa Park this morning and then again down by the beach. They were flying around because today's Pearl Harbor Day, I think. Pretty cool -- those old planes."
    "Oh, we didn't see them."
    "Well, maybe they'll come around again today. You two have a happy Pearl Harbor Day."
    It's a clear sign that a nation has healed from tragedy when a random guy wishes you a happy Pearl Harbor Day. I'd like to think that the poorly named Patriot Day will go much the same way.

  • Twice within the last 24 hours people have e-mailed me with good names for a band, so I have finally broken down and created a blog dedicated to good names for a band. The URL --mwyclochbuwch -- is Welsh and literally translates to "more cowbell," which had already been taken in English.
    The downside of this is that I am now undeniably one of those people -- a person with multiple blogs. I am a teenage girl.

  • I am also a hack comic in Gainesville, Fla., apparently.

  • Arse. Not that it matters, of course -- they'll be relegated either way.

  • Shocker: Some overhyped thing made by Microsoft is shit.

  • I love it when I'm right -- as predicted on Friday.

  • Interesting Wikipedia page on languages in the United States.

  • Here's a random observation -- I have never met an incompetent man named Kirk. Some are a bit cheesy like the Rev. Kirk Franklin, or a bit nutty like Kirk Cameron, but incompetent? Nope.
    Huzzah for the Kirks.

  • I'm crap at looking at people's sidebars, so I have no idea how long this has been on Huw's blog, but I like it -- funny and dangerous.

    Curly said...

    Good call with the Band names blog, you'll have to watch out for people stealing them and shooting straight to the top though!

    Astrid said...

    Wow, so some people in the US even speak ARTIFICIAL languages? Haha ... somehow that just sounds weird!

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    337, if you count Engrish.

    Thomas said...

    Chris, why did you take away the link to my blog on your sidebar?

    Chris Cope said...

    You were never there, Thomas. And you won't be until you pass an unspecified litmus test.

    Monica said...

    Yo-- Someone has left in my communal kitchen a "welsh cake" with the note, "help yourself." So what is a welsh cake? Does it have meat in it or anything weird? Do help.... I love me some cake.

    mo** said...

    Whats with the JCB as of late, I feel like it's everyehere I go!

    unlike Kirk's..I have found that all Eric's I have ever encountered where complete dorks.
    Can't explain it...

    Chris Cope said...

    No worries, Monica. It should be perfectly safe -- have it with tea.

    (Bwhahahaha! She's about the fall into the old "Welsh cake" trap!)

    heatherfeather said...

    wow... that conversation... between you and thomas...

    seems... eerily familiar...