Sunday, December 18, 2005

Home again

Wondering how Jesus puts up with the people who like him, and wishing my life were as exciting as Papa's (and I sound really, really tired).

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heatherfeather said...

every newborn child, should he or be able to speak, would cry, "knock off the damn drummin' and give me more cowbell!"

this would be especially appropriate in the barn where the cattle are lowing.

welcome home.

and show me some of your knittin', scarf boy.

jay are said...

on the contrary, these were highly entertaining. I enjoyed greatly your thoughts on Jesus' probable cause for utter impatience with the ridiculous lengths people will go to include him in some peripheral way...good thing "His thoughts are higher than ours".

I think one of my favorite things shared was the advice to not let your children grow up to be messiahs. that was priceless. boy, I'll sure keep that in mind.

enjoyed your window into a piece of Texas. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It just seemed so weird to comment to a voice. The two just seemed... incompatible. Like suddenly there would be a stray voice responding to comments, and that would be REALLY spooky.


Curly said...

There's a bear in a tree?! I can't find that link anywhere on the BBC's fabulous newspages..... How pissed off am I?!

Dave Morris said...

Welcome home Chris, I hope you enjoyed the warmer climate for a few days...

mo** said...

he's BAAAAAAaack
no more kids to drive you crazy- no more old folks to remind you how slow time passes.. come on admit it- you miss them all already!!