Saturday, December 10, 2005

Kids, kids and more kids

Press the play button below.

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heatherfeather said...

i'll not be spam, here.

you're just funny.

and say hiiiiiiiiiii to texas for me. i was only there for 6 days, but i'm SURE i left a favorable impression and the WHOLE DOGGONE STATE remembers and misses me.

mo** said...

I laughed, yep I actually laughed :)

jay are said...

Your last line was a rip-snorter. The kind where if you're drinking something and you hear it, then you spit the drink right out of your mouth.

These are fun to listen to. Enjoying the ongoing saga...

Crystal said...

hey! how does it feel to be only 20 minutes away from the sexiest, deepest armpits in the nation?

colorfullest. ahahahahahahahahha