Sunday, December 11, 2005

Meat and candy necklaces

Press the play button below.

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heatherfeather said...

first of all, i wondered if you were reading before.

second of all, i kind of like it when you just talk and wander and ramble.

perhaps because my brain sorta wanders and rambles and it's more familiar than well-ordered thoughts. oddly, though, i cannot read james joyce.

mo** said...

I love meat and candy necklaces!
and the texan in you is coming out, slowly but surely, y'all!

Crystal said...

yay! you still say yall.

Huw said...

You are going soft Cope: you really should have hit him.

Curly said...

I wonder if this is related to your previous post "Is sleep like Candy or Steak"?

Both around you neck could be really distracting.