Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tracksuit bottoms

  • That's a good name for a band, actually -- The Tracksuit Bottoms. I think it's interesting that in the same (written) breath as telling me the British name for sweatpants comes the admonishment not to ever wear them outside the house. We have the same rule in the United States, but it is less strictly adhered to.

  • A better name for a band: Rabid Cow

  • Abe Frolman dies on death row.

  • The "Time to make the donuts" (a phrase I use pretty regularly) guy is also dead.

  • I was amused by this line in the spam e-mail I received today: "Presently I am living in Ghana as political asylum seekers in budubram refugees camp."
    That's a hell of a nice refugee camp that has Internet access.

  • Victim? That kid is living the dream.

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    "budubram" -- Good name for a drum set.

    S said...

    Well I guess Ferris Buler wont be using good old Abe's name ever again. I didn't know he was even a real person!

    Hey, did you read this one?

    some people are just plain dumb!

    heatherfeather said...

    mmmmmmmm... donuts.

    Anonymous said...

    I went to the Buduburam refugee camp in 2004. There was an Internet cafe right in front of the camp. The fee was not expensive, because the cafe was owned by a minister and maintained mainly for providing the refugees of the communication tools. You have to know that tha camp has no water line, no sewage, no toilet.