Thursday, December 22, 2005

Whatever happened to the elbow punch?

  • I was watching the clips on Linus' blog today and it got me to thinking: you don't ever see action stars using the Jim Rockford-style elbow punch anymore. What happened?

  • A foreign national with multiple aliases and a vague past is planning to invade airways, and the U.S. government is giving him free reign.

  • Huw's post Wednesday reminded me of last week, when I taught my nephews and niece how to say 'hello' in Welsh.
    One cool thing: my niece was able to remember how to say it a whole week later. Being the cutest girl on the planet and able to mutter a bit of Uncle Chris' crazy old language pretty much secures her a spot in my will.

  • Fine. Just fine. Don't invite me. You bastards.

  • Good name for a band: Failed Blog Ambition

  • How could someone be so ultra-stupid as to take an AIDS drug and assume it will allow for unprotected sex?
    I am baffled by the blistering unintelligence displayed here. It's one of those things you simply would not have an answer for when the space aliens show up to destroy the planet.
    "But, we're a valuable civilization. We've produced art and beer and knitting and Tom Jones."
    "Fair enough. But what about these people who flagrantly put themselves at risk for an easily avoidable fatal disease, and, in so doing, possibly make the disease drug-resistant?"
    "Fuck. You heard about them, huh? OK. Pull the trigger."

    Huw said...

    Re: the elbow punch. I imagine that sometime during the millions of playground recreations of the elbow punch, it one time proved fatal, and thus a campaign to remove it from the mainstream was launched.

    We had a similar crusade here in the early nineties when an ear drum was perforated during a copycat playground Orange Tango Man attack.

    Anonymous said...

    In the pub one night I met a French bloke who noticed the red ribbon on my coat for Aids awareness.
    'What's that?' says he.
    'Aids awareness, means I practise safe sex' I said.
    'Oh, you have AIDS then?' he says.
    Took me about 10 minutes to explain.

    Dave Morris said...

    I hope you're not portraying these representatives of the human race as embarrassing idiots... because hey. That would just be real harsh.

    On the upside, with stories like this one, how could anyone deny the process of natural selection??

    Chris Cope said...

    No, they're not representative. But they're so stupid that they erase the efforts of everyone else.