Tuesday, January 24, 2006


  • Today I came up with the fun game of using the suffix "-eezy" (easy) to give people half-assed nicknames: Jeneezy, Daveezy, etc.
    In some cases, I found it was better to just use the first letter of the person's name, as in Heezy, or add a consonant to create conjunctions, as with Chrisleezy. Or you can combine both variations: E-Teezy.

  • E-Teezy was interviewed by another blogger recently. As with anything written by E-Teezy, it makes me giggle.

  • It seems a given that this blogger will be handed a book deal in the near future.

  • The Cutest Niece in America's mother (of pink bodice fame) is having twins. Again. The Cutest Niece in America is a fraternal twin. She has another brother, as well. That makes a soon-to-be five-child household for my sister-in-law.
    In typical 7-year-old diva fashion, the Cutest Niece in America announced that if both her future youngest siblings are boys, "I'm going to kill myself."
    I told the child bride that we should just offer to take her along with us to Wales. We would raise her until she stopped being cute then give her back. When she becomes a doctor, we will again claim her as our own.

  • Oh, yeah! The good times are back in Canada. Finally our neighbor to the north can return to the world power status it held under Brian "The Exciter" Mulroney*. Say what you will about Mulroney, but he made it OK to love Canada again.

  • "If I see my dad dead, lying there on 'Law & Order,' he did it. He lived his dream."
    "Don't quit living your dream. Never stop."

  • Sven is out. Everything is going perfectly according to plan for Sir Clive.

    *I have a very weird thing in that I think it is hilarious to make obscure references Brian Mulroney. I also like to reference The Dread Pirate Chrétien and Rhodri "Yr Arth Wen" Morgan. Opportunities to use these names in jokes are rare.

    heatherfeather said...

    i'm not sure how i feel about "heezy". in fact it makes me feel wheezy and geezery...

    oh well, i'll get over it.

    also, maybe the cutest niece in america's mother is trying to be like the woman who took anne shirley in who had three sets of twins.

    Gary said...

    If I may, thank you, on behalf of all Canadians everywhere, for congratulating us upon our entry into the DARK AGES. It feels great to be here.

    Chris Cope said...

    But Gary, a conservative government will make Canada more like America. Isn't that what Canadians want? Isn't that what every country wants?

    Monica said...

    Chris Penn wasn't on your list I see. Missed a good one there!

    Dave Morris said...

    You misspelled my name, it's Daveasy.