Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Excavating The Closet

My latest column is out. Random sentence: "The ability to make hot chocolate and macaroni and cheese, and a tool to stab some small, slow-moving creature that I can eat -- that's all a manly man really needs."


Anonymous said...

I found a place for your magazines.


Chris Cope said...

Argh. Crazy endless no-work link.

Dave Morris said...

When I pack boxes of stuff to put in my basement storage area, I always put a few pages of newspaper in with them. Sort of like a time capsule, it really makes the boxes fun to sort through years later.

Recently I went through such a box, which contained newspapers from the 1970s. Did you know you could buy a new Chevy Nova for under 2 grand back then??

Anonymous said...

Basically the crazy endless no-work link I posted was an eBay search for "Mad Magazine" to see what some of that crap has sold for in the past.

People will buy anything...maybe my early 80's Rowdy Roddy Piper action figure will go for something?