Saturday, January 7, 2006

Happy Epiphany

  • Spanish kids have opened their presents, we're all nursing our Twelfth Night hangovers, and the holiday season is officially over. Fortunately, there is still cause for celebration -- Saturday is Crystal's birthday. Happy birthday Crystal.

  • Can we please deport Pat Robertson? Preferably to an uninhabited island off the coast of Alaska.
    It's not Sharon's being 77 years old and obese that has put him in such ill health but his attempts to, you know, get along with people, according to good ol' Pat. You make me hurt, Pat.

  • Mmm, tastes like burning.

  • "A souvenir poster featuring the C.F. Payne illustration, along with 'Who Dey,' printed in both English and Chinese, goes on sale Friday."

  • Random co-worker IM conversation:
    CW1: i want to go to narnia
    CW2: check your wardrobe.
    ME: You can go to North Dakota, which has a similar-sounding name.
    CW1: i always tried to push through my closet when i was a kid. it never worked.
    ME: Although, if you are expecting to see Christ-like lions in North Dakota, I think you'll be disappointed.
    CW2: they do, however, have plenty of ice queens and fauns.
    CW2: and snow.
    CW1: i want a unicorn
    ME: I got yer unicorn, honey.

    Anonymous said...

    You mean bison and big horn sheep in the western NoDak don't count as christ-sized lions?? I am crushed by this news!

    OldHorsetailSnake said...

    This land is your land, this land is my land... Does Pat Robertson sing bass?

    Goo said...

    who's pat robertson??

    heh, just kidding. ok, i'm not kidding. i don't know who he is! there i said it.

    i suddenly feel shameful and inadequate. i must now take a moment to educate myself via google and i promise i won't come back until i loath him, for whatever reasons, as much as you guys do.

    Curly said...

    Those Spaniards are crafty.

    Thomas said...

    I actually look foward to Pat Robertson 's muttering.

    Goo said...

    ii DID know who pat robinson is... the name just didn't click right away. i've known about him since the first years of the 700 club.

    my bad.

    mo** said...

    I want a unicorn!
    OK I'll stop being so demanding :)

    Astrid said...

    "Mmm, tastes like burning." --> So does this mean I have to go to the tropics now to get that real tropical flavor once again?