Monday, January 9, 2006

High horse

  • If you think about great journalists -- and admittedly, there aren't many to choose from -- one thing I think they all have in common is that at some point they took a risk. Whether it was in the form of their personal safety or in the form of their career, at some point they had to come to terms with the fact that continuing forward could turn out horribly wrong. But the kept with it because they felt that the story was worth it.
    In my personal code of ethics, a business has a moral responsibility to take as few risks as possible. One of its primary responsibilities is to exist for the employee, which relies on the business for stability -- as does the employee's family and the community to which the employee belongs.
    So, the news business is inherently fucked up. It is a sort of common-law marriage of necessity.
    I grew up running around TV newsrooms, so I've always understood the connection between capitalism and journalism and why journalism chooses to make that connection. But it seems to me that over the past 10 years, the past four especially, the journalism that I grew up wanting to be a part of has become a business with which I do not want to be associated.
    Add that to my list of reasons I am looking forward to moving to Cardiff.

  • Ooh, la-dee-da. Aren't I pious? Perhaps I should temper my blabbering with this: Magnets of death!

  • That's a good name for a band, actually: The Death Magnets

  • I received a valuable lesson on auto repair today -- if you get drunk whilst fixing your car, you may end up forking out $490.19 a few months later to have a sober guy do the same job.

  • I can't stop laughing at this.

  • Good grief, Nebraska's progressive legislature is going too far. Allowing whiskey in beer? Next they'll be setting up tables so homosexuals can recruit in the high schools.

  • You know, there's a special place in hell for you when you steal a girl's leg.

    Astrid said...

    "You know, there's a special place in hell for you when you steal a girl's leg." --> I think running with three legs made things slightly more complicated for the burglar, so he must have left it behind just to ease the situation for himself and run slightly faster!!!

    Astrid said...

    Sometimes I feel that having two legs is already more than enough!