Thursday, January 19, 2006


  • According to, "Without adequate rest, the brain's ability to function quickly deteriorates."
    After reading that, I spent five minutes trying to determine whether that sentence means that sleep deprivation deteriorates the brain's ability to function quickly, or brain function deteriorates quickly. Suffice to say, I am exhausted, y'all.
    I feel like I'm speeding down a hill in a shopping cart and I have one eye shut. I'm not even sure what that means.

  • "Skating With Celebrities" is my new favorite TV show. Did you see this thing on Wednesday night? It is so bad that, through complicated quantum physics that my exhausted brain cannot presently comprehend, it is brilliant.
    Todd Bridges on ice. Just that phrase is funny. Throw in wee fat-faced Scott Hamilton, cheesy music, the obligatory "American Idol"-style judging panel and a host of celebrities who left my wife asking, "Who?" with each introduction, and you've got yourself a bit of television gold, kids.
    I can't decide which is more funny-pathetic: defining Bruce Jenner as a celebrity, or Jillian Barberie taking herself so seriously. Jillian, honey, look down. Those massive things on your chest are the reason you're on TV; you have no other qualities.

  • Back in October, I had a conversation with Bonheddwr* Phin about the phenomenon that is Wikipedia.
    "I wonder what's to stop you from creating Wikipedia entries about yourself," I said.
    "Humility," he said.
    Well, I've got none of that.
    As it turns out, the thing that prevents you from creating self-focused entries is the community of Wikigeeks that was on my article within minutes.
    "Nonnotable blogger," wrote one of the administrators.

  • Affair? I have no idea what you are talking about. Personally, I think we've got bigger things to worry about-- out parrot is gay and having a relationship with someone named Gary.
    (Link sent by Welsh Heat)

  • This link was also sent by Welsh Heat, and reminds me of a relationship I once had -- extremely tenuous.
    "Gee, honey, things are OK right now. But I'm just thinking that at any moment it could go horribly wrong."

  • Good name for a band: The Slut Horses

    *It's Welsh for "mister."

    Anonymous said...

    Are the Slut Horses, by any chances, a band out from Seattle way?

    Old Horsetail Snake said...

    "...nonnotable blogger..."

    Well, let's see, there's your b**groll, mine, Dooce's, Michele's, Dave Morris's, and everybody's in Fargo.

    They will be hearing from my lawyer.

    Goo said...

    todd brides needs some hair. he just doesn't look right.

    Anonymous said...

    Here in Ireland (ok, it's an English show but...) it's called 'Celebrities on Ice' and if the 'celebs' on the American version are somewhere around the 'z' list, I can't begin to describe how much further down the ladder the English bunch are.
    Dreadful stuff, although I find myself watching in the hopes that someone will perform a spectacular fall and have to be carted off the ice. (It's televised live.)

    Curly said...

    I didn't know that it was so easy to edit the articles on Wikipedia.

    You've been considered for deletion? What were their reasons?

    The daytime Radio 1 DJ's were subject to some pretty amusing editing recently - Scott Mills, Colin Murray and Edith Bowman in particular.

    Does this mean that not everything diplayed on the site is completely accurate?

    Jenny said...

    The boy has a pretty smart-arse line in comebacks, huh?

    Seems like you can't write about yourself on Wiki. When you are rich and powerful you should buy Wikipedia and make every article about you, that'll show 'em!

    Crystal said...

    I just noticed that you are becoming less and less of a Texas, Chris. Why? Because when you use the word yall, you add an apostrophe like it is a contraction and not simply its very own word, which it is.

    Y'all = You + All = Chris is a Yank

    Chris Cope said...

    No one spells y'all as "yall," you crazy woman. I've seen it as "yawl," but have always spelled it as "y'all," because I'm a fancy city-boy Texan.

    mo** said...

    I'd buy a slut horses single tomorrow. just for the name. euh or maybe not.
    and you are a notable blogger-jerks!

    Anonymous said...

    Maybe it's just me...but I always think that Todd Bridges looks mildly retarded.

    Crystal said...

    i spell yall yall because that is the way it is spelled. so there.

    Chris Cope said...

    It's not just you, Omega.