Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wayne Brady Akbar

Originally uploaded by ChrisCope.
I slapped this together several years ago and it still makes me giggle like a maniac. I made it in reference to some discussion my co-workers and I were having; I don't even remember the discussion.

What I do remember is that a few days later, I wrote a column in which I declared that the world should come to its senses and "install Wayne Brady as emperor of the planet.

"Wayne Brady would bring peace to Northern Ireland with his musical stylings. Wayne Brady would develop cheap, clean-burning, renewable fuel in his garage. And he could cover the cost of international travel by booking cabaret shows in the countries he visits, thus freeing up millions of tax dollars."


OldHorsetailSnake said...

So what does Maher become?

Dave Morris said...

Brady is about as good as they come, he was my favorite on "Whose Line."

Ryan said...

"Oh shit, it's Wayne Brady!"

"Riverside mothafucka!!"

Crystal said...

I'm Wayne Brady, Bitch!

Sarah Stevenson said...

Can I get a hell yes!